Marek Stepanek

Pianist - Programmer - Lector

Short Profile:
Marek Stepanek was born the 17th of March 1956 in Berlin and has acquired many skills through a large variety of professions in his life. He grew up in Munich and moved after his studies to Paris, where he was teaching piano and started to organise charity concerts with very young, talented musicians. Since the beginning of the year 2002 he is living in Munich again.

Skills and Studies

Master of Arts in University Ludwig-Maximilian, Munich.
Musicology, German Literature (with focus on mediaval literature), Dramaturgy, Mathematical Logic, Old Greek, Piano
Piano Teachers:
Walter Krafft and Franz Hummel
German, French, English, Italian, Russian
Programming Languages:
MacOS with BSD-Unix and Shell programming, HTML, XML, CSS, Perl, MySQL, LaTeX, Objectiv-C, Swift.
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Family Background

Grand father - Mother's Side:
Hermann Muthesius (* 20.4.1861 - † 26.10.1927), Architect
Siegfried Stepanek (* 17.11.1921 - † 14.3.1969), Stage Decorator